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Claude P.M. O’Donnell, a self-taught artist, is a native of Maine. He was born in the St. John Valley and lived his formative years in the Acadian culture of northern Maine. As a youngster he spent many snowy winter afternoons by the wood stove in his father’s studio, watching him apply oil paints to canvas. Claude came from a large, creative family, many of whom have become professional musicians, painters, bookmakers and fabric artists.

Claude P. M. O'Donnell

Claude P. M. O’Donnell

Earning a living in his early years as a professional musician, he had the good fortune to meet and play music with many well known musical artists of the 60’s era. It was an exciting time to be part of that legendary music scene.

Unlike other family members who were formally educated in the arts, he pursued degrees in business and finance. Not long after graduating from college, Claude began his business career in the field of banking. He became well known throughout the Maine banking scene. Knowing his inner nature was an anomaly in the world of finance, he would often jokingly refer to himself as the “hippie in the gray flannel suit”. During those working years he quietly developed his skills in oil painting, wood working and recently welding.

Committed to following his true nature, he retired from banking in 2005. The exhibit titled “Evolution” is a direct result of his change in priorities and renewed creative energy.

Artist’s statement

“The exhibit titled “Evolution,” is meant as a dare to be open to change, growth, living beyond survival and evolving into our best self.” The process is mysterious but not to be feared. Choose for it to be fun and exciting. The end product is important but process is where life happens. Dare to live the life you imagined. Let the Mystery unfold.

Claude spends summers with his wife, Di, on Craig Pond in East Orland, Maine and during the winters they ski, travel, play Celtic music together and live on a hill in Holden, Maine.

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